About the Baby Signs® Program

The Original
Baby Signs® Program

To find out more about this program and its founders, Dr. Linda Acredolo and Dr. Susan Goodwyn, please visit the website:


The Baby Signs® Program


Babies have a lot to say even before they can actually speak - but without words, communication can be DIFFICULT! Now there's an effective way to avoid these tears and tantrums by teaching babies how to "talk" with their hands using the Baby Signs® Program. With the Baby Signs® Program, babies and toddlers can communicate using simple, easy-to-learn signs – what they see, what they need and even how they feel.

Over two decades of scientific research, much of it funded by the National Institutes of Health, has shown that the Baby Signs® Program will:

  • Make you and your baby happier

  • Help your baby feel more confident

  • Help your baby learn to talk sooner

  • Boost your baby’s intellectual development