Current Classes and Workshops Offered

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We have limited class/workshop offerings at this time as Miss Christine is due to give birth later this fall. We hope to offer more dates in the Spring of 2020. If you have a group (3+ people/families) that would like to have a specific class/workshop, you can always get in touch with us to set up a private class.

​Baby Signs® Parent Workshop

This 90 minute workshop is specially designed for parents and caregivers of children from birth to 24 months and will teach you how to begin using the Baby Signs® Program at home. Early childhood educators, parent educators, social workers and health specialists are also welcome to attend.

What’s covered in the workshop:

  • History of the Baby Signs® Program

  • Why we should use signs

  • When to start teaching signs

  • How to teach signs

  • Building your signing vocabulary



-In-Person Workshop: $23.50/person or $30/couple

(contact Miss Christine for Couple Registration)

Upcoming Parent Workshops:

At Baby's Sweet Beginnings (Lancaster, NY):

​   -Monday November 4th at 6:00PM


Sign, Say & Play® Classes

The Sign, Say & Play® curriculum is a 6-week program of carefully crafted sequenced sessions developed especially for parents/caregivers and babies.  By embedding the learning of signs in activities that can generally promote cognitive, social, language, literacy, and sensory-motor development, we are able to teach specific ways to provide the support in these areas that all babies need to make the most of their critical first three years. Open to babies 0 months-3 years, but ideally suited for ages 8-24 months old.

Week 1 - Mealtime

Week 2 - Bedtime

Week 3 - Bathtime

Week 4 - Getting Dressed

Week 5 - My Pets

Week 6 - At the Park

Cost: $78 per child

Upcoming Classes:


MORE Sign, Say, and Play® Classes

The More Sign, Say & Play® curriculum is a 6-week program that continues on and follows the same format as the Sign, Say & Play® Classes. 

Week 1 - Feelings

Week 2 - Outside

Week 3 - At the Farm

Week 4 - Safety

Week 5 - At the Zoo

Week 6 - Birthday Party


Cost: $78 per child

Upcoming Classes:


Rumble Tumble Tummy Time™ Class

The Rumble Tumble Tummy Time™ curriculum is designed for babies ages 0-6 months old. Come learn how to make tummy time fun for your little one through engaging songs, signs, and activities in a play-class setting.

Cost: $23.50 per family




Upcoming Classes:

At Baby's Sweet Beginnings (Lancaster, NY):

-Monday October 7th at 6:00PM

Move & Groove Class

It is time to wiggle, dance, twist and turn! Parents and children will enjoy moving and grooving in this class designed to introduce movement activities through fun games and songs. We'll discover how music promotes language, cognitive, social and physical development while children learn how much fun it is to Move & Groove! Open to babies 0 months-4 years, but ideally suited for ages 18 months-3 years old.

Cost: $13 per child

Upcoming Classes:


It's Potty Time!

This class provides a fun way to introduce the concept of potty training within an entertaining and interactive class.  Children will learn potty time signs, sing songs and hear stories about using the potty.  There will be information for parents about the Baby Signs® Potty Training Program with ideas for starting and staying motivated with potty training. 

Ideal for ages 1 - 4 years old.


Cost: $13 per child



Upcoming Classes:


Early Childhood Educator Training/Center Certification Program

This professional training is designed to give early childhood educators everything needed to teach the Baby Signs® Program to infants and toddlers in their centers. This 3-hour staff training program can be used to certify a center or organization to become a Baby Signs® Certified Center. With games, songs, and activities liberally sprinkled throughout the training, teachers stay engaged and excited as they learn.

One goal of this program is to help child care programs of any size—big or small—begin enjoying the benefits that come from incorporating signing into daily interactions between children and teachers. The other equally important goal is to help family service agencies (such as nonprofit organizations, hospitals, nanny agencies, child care resource and referral services, etc.) learn how to easily incorporate the Baby Signs® Program into their existing early childhood and parenting programs and their community outreach efforts.

For more information or for pricing contact Miss Christine at:

To find a Baby Signs® Certified Center click HERE



This training is offered for 3.0 hours of Professional Development credit

Core Competency Areas

1. Child Growth and Development (2.5 Hours)
2. Family and Community Relationships (0.25 Hours)
3. Observation and Assessment (0.25 Hours)

OCFS Training Topics

(1) Principles of Childhood Development (2.5 Hours)
(3) Child day care program development (0.5 Hours)


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