Current Classes and Workshops Offered

​Baby Signs® Parent Workshop

This one hour workshop is specially designed for parents and caregivers of children from birth to 24 months and will teach you how to begin using the Baby Signs® Program at home.

Cost: $20

Sign, Say & Play® Classes

The Sign, Say & Play® curriculum is a 6-week program of carefully crafted sequenced sessions developed especially for parents/caregivers and babies.  By embedding the learning of signs in activities that can generally promote cognitive, social, language, literacy, and sensory-motor development, we are able to teach specific ways to provide the support in these areas that all babies need to make the most of their critical first three years.

Week 1 - Mealtime

Week 2 - Bedtime

Week 3 - Bathtime

Week 4 - Dressing

Week 5 - My Pets

Week 6 - At the Park

Cost: $60 per child

More Sign, Say, and Play® Classes

The More Sign, Say & Play® curriculum is a 6-week program that continues on and follows the same format as the Sign, Say & Play® Classes.  Themes covered include Feelings, Outside, Farm, Zoo, and At the Park.


Cost: $60 per child