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On the Grow™

Infant Development Workshop

Are you looking for a ​dynamic workshop designed for infant teachers and early intervention professionals?

The On the Grow™ Infant Development Workshop is a 1-hour workshop designed to provide participants with concrete activities to use with babies in their care along with the developmental basis of each of the activities. Participants will explore vision, physical, cognitive, and communication development in babies.

Participants will receive a certificate of completion.

(If you are an SLP, this may count for 0.1 CMH)

Individuals can register for a scheduled session.

If you would like to set up an online or in person workshop for a group, please contact Miss Christine.

Note: It is your responsibility to check if any hours received count towards professional development requirements for your profession.


Early Childhood Educator Training

Looking for continuing education hours? This 3-hour professional training is designed to give early childhood educators everything needed to teach the Baby Signs® Program to infants and toddlers in their centers.With games, songs, and activities liberally sprinkled throughout the training, participants stay engaged and excited as they learn.

One goal of this training is to help child care programs of any size - big or small - begin enjoying the benefits that come from incorporating signing into daily interactions between children and teachers. The other equally important goal is to help family service agencies (such as nonprofit organizations, hospitals, nanny agencies, child care resource and referral services, etc.) learn how to easily incorporate the Baby Signs® Program into their existing early childhood and parenting programs and their community outreach efforts.

This 3-hour staff training program can also be used for a center or organization to become a Baby Signs® Certified Center.

For more information or for a pricing estimate, contact Miss Christine by phone or e-mail.




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